The Knee Rehab Myth That Ruined a Good Lunch

In the gym

Several years ago, a new surgeon had joined the practice of an orthopedist whom I had known all of my career. He wanted me to meet his new partner. So, we had lunch. Our discussion turned technical when my longtime orthopedic friend asked me to explain my position on VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique) strengthening for patellofemoral pain- one of the four muscles of the quadriceps muscle group - to Continue Reading

The Hardest Part of Running

hardest part of running

Looking out her front window, she saw something very unusual. It was a man wearing very short shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt. He was moving quickly. Not really walking and not running. “What is he doing?” she thought. She watched him disappear around the corner. A few minutes later, he was back. “This is really odd. I wonder if he […]

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The Day I Went to the Other Side of Pain

Beyond pain

“The next exercise is completely voluntary. I would like to emphasize this. You do not have to participate if you do not want to,” said the leader of the workshop. I was attending a multi-day retreat on self-discovery a few years ago and we were approaching the end of the weekend. The room was dark, my chest was vibrating as […]

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The Need for Speed

Walking speed

On any given day in our neighborhood you will see a mom or dad pushing a stroller or a happy dog with his owner and some people walking briskly or running. Some days though, I see a few people who are just ambling slowly down the sidewalk. They seem to lack a certain intensity or sense of purpose. Maybe they […]

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Why You Sometimes Hurt When You Haven’t Done Anything to Hurt

young man confused

A reader emailed me recently inquiring about “Tension Myositis” – a syndrome proposed by John Sarno, MD as a cause of lower back pain and other musculoskeletal pains. The theory proposed by Dr. Sarno is that back pain stems from subconscious negative emotions – fear and anger primarily. The suppression of the emotions causes physical changes in the body which then […]

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How to Rejuvenate Your Legs

Hiker at the summit

There’s some disagreement about when “older” happens but just about all the experts agree that after the age of 65, most people will experience shrinking muscles. And, smaller muscles means less strength, quicker fatigue, less overall ability, and more fat on your body. One of the reasons this happens is that the blood flow in your legs, for example, slows. […]

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