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How to Make Your Memory Sharper Without Memory Games

You’re upstairs and realize that you need that measuring tape you stuffed into an already over-crowded drawer in the kitchen. You get up from your desk and start the trek downstairs. As you turn

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An Easy Way to Save Money Under ObamaCare

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, may not be all that affordable for some of us. Whether you agree with the law or not, the fact is you have to pay for some type of health insurance or

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What You Can Learn About Balance From a Couple in Kaanapali

A couple, a man and woman probably in their late 60’s, were standing, facing each other, in the blue-green, knee deep water. The waves began to surge on the beach outside the Kaanapali Beach Hotel

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Five Ways to Improve Your Balance

A common complaint I hear is “My balance is awful” or something similar. Of course, if you want something to improve – anything really – you have to work at it. But how often do

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How to Feel Younger One Leg at a Time

It’s a simple task. But, few can do it, correctly, the first time and it took me over six months to achieve. Standing still, on one leg, for 30 seconds. You might be thinking, “Really? Took

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Should You Stretch?

  Usually, you stumble onto your lack of motion. You reach for something high, just out of an easy reach and feel tightness in your shoulder; you bend down to pick something up and notice your lower

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