Swiss Ball Sit Up: How to Get Stronger Abs and a Weaker Back

Many of us suffer from Googleitis – a painful, inflammatory condition of the mind created by a need to find answers on our own. I made that up but I think it’s true. For example, if you search for “Core Exercises” in Google or Bing or Yahoo, you’ll get upwards of 125,000,000 things to look through and then you have […]

Deconstructing the Oprah Winfrey Workout

Oprah Winfrey has been quite open about her struggle with her weight. She’s had chefs, published a cookbook, worked with personal trainers yet her weight has continued to go up and down over the years. She just can’t seem to find the right path to bring her weight into a healthy zone. Her exercise routine, according to, was designed […]

The Seven Most Overrated Exercises You Can Stop Doing – Part II

This is a follow up to the original post – The Seven Most Overrated Exercises You Can Stop Doing. I had some requests for suggestions on what exercises to do instead. So, in this post, I’ll provide options that come from the ActiveAge® Blueprint. Bench Press and Dips Options Just as a reminder, my approach to exercise focuses on function […]

The Seven Most Overrated Exercises You Can Stop Doing

I discovered, from my research into why people exercise, that there are two main reasons and they change in priority by age ranges. If you’re under 40 years of age, the main reason you exercise is to mold your body into something you think someone else will be attracted to. You want to look sexy and attractive and you think […]

Featured Drill: Boost Your Core Strength – No Equipment Needed

Another example of how to improve your core strength / endurance without even thinking about a sit-up. Plank Jacks are a more advanced version of the Plank exercise. The movement of the legs requires more muscle force through the trunk and shoulders. The benefit of Plank Jacks is enhanced “stiffness” of the trunk muscles (core). Stiffness is a concept from […]

Is The Seven Minute Workout Good For Grownups?

Most people, when asked, will admit that they know they should exercise more than they do. Their number one excuse? Not enough time. Enter the “Seven Minute Scientific Workout”. The workout appeared in an article in the NY Times and caused quite a stir. The NY Times summary suggested that all it takes is seven minutes to get the benefits […]