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What Leonardo da Vinci Can Teach You About Stretching Your Hamstrings

You begin your day stretching…on the advice of your doctor and therapist. Over the past few months, your lower back has ached and you’re stiff as a 2 x 4 in the morning. The problem it seems, as

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Why Do We Grunt More As We Get Older?

We’ve all had something like this happen. You drop something on the floor. Something small, insignificant. Like a pen. So you bend down to pick it up and as you return to upright, a primal, monosyllabic

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Why Some Exercises Are Riskier Than Others

I had come to a stop in traffic. I turned my head to the left and there, in a street front shop with large glass windows, was a fitness center. What I saw through the window was a man, maybe 60ish in years,

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My Ten Favorite Posts for 2013

As 2014 rapidly approaches, I thought today would be a good day for my ten favorite posts of 2013. This is an easy way to find content that can help you become healthier, more fit, and happier in 2014. And

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Move It or Lose It

I met my friend and guitar teacher, Jim Collard, for dinner at Maudie’s – a favorite Tex-Mex food haven of mine. We found our way to a table and as we were about to sit down, I saw to my left,

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Tips On Sitting And Back Pain

As an Introvert, I like stillness. Quiet. It’s energizing to me. Now, if you’re an Extrovert, stillness is about the last thing you want but there’s something good about stillness for

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