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Why Does My Knee Hurt On An Elliptical Machine?

  A client once asked me, “You know, I don’t get why my knee hurts when I’m using an elliptical machine. I thought those things were supposed to be low impact, right? So, what’s

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What a Toddler Can Teach You About Back Pain

Toddlers do something naturally that people with back pain (and some without pain) have a very hard time doing correctly. Squatting. And it’s cousin, bending and lifting. When you watch a youngster

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Question about P90X

  “Recently, I’ve begun doing P90X. I’m 57 and a former distance runner who has stayed in relatively good shape, although I now have osteoporosis. I’m seeing good results from this new

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Keep Your Back Feeling Good With This Exercise

  What should you do to keep your back healthy and feeling good? Especially if you have a history of back trouble? Or do you really need to do any at all? Could you just ignore the extra effort and

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Is Your Upper Back Holding You Back?

Upper back mobility helps you reduce neck pain, shoulder injuries and improves overall posture but most of us are fairly stiff and inflexible in that area of the body. How do you know if your upper back

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