Are You A Too-Busy Betty?

Betty says she would love to be healthier and get in shape but she just doesn’t have time. Sound familiar? She has a full-time job, 2 kids, and a household to run too. Her kids are in soccer, take piano lessons and, well, she’s convinced that there’s no room in her schedule to exercise or even think about cooking a […]

The Two Primal Reasons for Change

Can you change your habits? Maybe you want to feel more energetic; have a spring in your step. Or maybe the extra 20-30 pounds you’ve carried on your frame for the past several years has finally become a most unwanted friend. Or maybe you’ve said, “I have got to get in better shape. I’m way too weak.” But you just […]

What You and Olympic Athletes Give Up to Win

I’ve been watching some of the Sochi Olympic Games and noticed how many athletes have a history of injury. And not just one or two injuries but several…including surgeries. How do you ski down a steep, icy mountain at speeds faster than what you can drive on most highways knowing that at any moment the slightest extra weight shift could […]

What’s The Point of Working Out?

There’s a difference between how long you live (lifespan) and how well you live (healthspan). The International Health, Racquet, and Sports Club Association’s (IHRSA) survey of its members revealed that the number one reason women exercised was weight control and for men it was to increase muscle tone. But, they failed to share the average age of the survey respondents. […]

Piglet, Pooh, and Pain

“Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?” asked Piglet. “Supposing it didn’t,” said Pooh after careful thought. When you hurt, your inner Piglet shows up. When you turn Piglet loose, your mind is no longer yours. Piglet turns you into thinking everything is bad, nothing will get better; you think differently; things you might otherwise not […]

When Procrastination Becomes Your Friend…

procrastinare, from pro- forward + crastinus of tomorrow, from cras tomorrow ….when you want to buy a new car or house or big screen television and you know you really don’t have the money but the urge feels stronger than you are; ….when you want another glass of wine or beer or that super chilled Mexican Martini and your waist […]