The Day I Went to the Other Side of Pain

“The next exercise is completely voluntary. I would like to emphasize this. You do not have to participate if you do not want to,” said the leader of the workshop. I was attending a multi-day retreat on self-discovery a few years ago and we were approaching the end of the weekend. The room was dark, my chest was vibrating as […]

Why You Sometimes Hurt When You Haven’t Done Anything to Hurt

A reader emailed me recently inquiring about “Tension Myositis” – a syndrome proposed by John Sarno, MD as a cause of lower back pain and other musculoskeletal pains. The theory proposed by Dr. Sarno is that back pain stems from subconscious negative emotions – fear and anger primarily. The suppression of the emotions causes physical changes in the body which then […]

The Key to Staying Healthy That Takes No Physical Effort

I was talking with my wife Ellen the other night about her day. She’s a Realtor and has certain phrases that are unique to her industry. She was describing a client’s condo that was up for sale and said it needed to be updated. It was suffering from “deferred maintenance”. The condo needed some basic repairs, the yard was overgrown, […]

This Type of Fighting Holds You Back

Have you ever had days where you feel like your body is working against you? Despite your best efforts at overcoming the aching, pain, or stiffness, these things just keep showing up like an unwanted solicitor knocking on your front door. So, one day, you just decide enough is enough. “Damn it, I’m running today. I’ve had enough of this […]

Little Stuff Matters

It’s just the little stuff that matters. You gain another few degrees of motion, or lose a pound of fat, or skip the latte this week.  It’s those small, sometimes imperceptible, improvements that add up to significant change. But most of us get caught up in the big stuff. You want to lose 20lbs in a month, or run when […]

How to Make Your Memory Sharper Without Memory Games

You’re upstairs and realize that you need that measuring tape you stuffed into an already over-crowded drawer in the kitchen. You get up from your desk and start the trek downstairs. As you turn the corner at the bottom of the stairs, some fifteen seconds later, you stop and wonder, “Now, what was I coming down here for?” Anything similar […]