What You and Olympic Athletes Give Up to Win

I’ve been watching some of the Sochi Olympic Games and noticed how many athletes have a history of injury. And not just one or two injuries but several…including surgeries. How do you ski down a steep, icy mountain at speeds faster than what you can drive on most highways knowing that at any moment the slightest extra weight shift could […]

Is This A Leading Cause of Injuries?

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Piglet, Pooh, and Pain

“Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?” asked Piglet. “Supposing it didn’t,” said Pooh after careful thought. When you hurt, your inner Piglet shows up. When you turn Piglet loose, your mind is no longer yours. Piglet turns you into thinking everything is bad, nothing will get better; you think differently; things you might otherwise not […]

When Big Things Are Little Things And Little Things Are Big things

In the movie Chocolat, a single mother and her six year old daughter move to a small town in rural France and open a chocolate shop. The townspeople initially shun her and the shop. She’s open on Sundays, selling chocolate during Lent, and has no husband. She’s sin on two feet. But, gradually, she wins them over as they fall […]

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

If I could go back in time, like Ebenezer Scrooge does in “A Christmas Carol”, this is what I would tell my younger self about “exercising”. 1. You have but one body. Take care of it so it can take care of you. As you get older, you’ll find some things a lot more difficult to do, everyday stuff, and […]

Spencer’s Gone and Part of Me Went With Him

I had to say goody-bye to Spencer today (9/20/13) – my best buddy, the smartest Dalmatian on the planet. He had a large and expanding tumor in his tongue and we lost the battle. But we had a great life together of almost 14 years although it didn’t start out that way. I learned a lot from my relationship with […]