The Ultimate Power Meal in Less Than 20 Minutes

What can you eat that gives you a good dose of protein, fat, glucose-friendly carbs, fills you up, tastes fantastic, and doesn’t take an hour to make? Well, some of you might have guessed a Power Smoothie. True. But I was thinking of something you have to chew (which just happens too be really good for your jaw joints by […]

A NEAT Way to Reduce Your Chances of Joint Pain

If you’ve had joint pain – knee, hip, back for example, you know how much it can interfere with life. Not only can joint pain erase things like running and other sports, but sometimes just everyday activity becomes your own Mount Everest. I know – I’ve been there. And there’s something I did that helped me immensely that I thought […]

Take This Before You Run, Ski, Bike At Your Own Risk

“Eight?” “Yeah, usually. Eight” “And then what happens ?” “Well, I feel okay. I mean, I can ski.” “And if you don’t take it?” “Can’t ski at all. Back hurts too much.” This was a conversation I had with a prospective client. He loved to snow ski but had so much back pain and stiffness during and after skiing that […]

How to Improve Joint Pain Without Exercise or Drugs

I get a lot of emails from people all over the world who are battling some type of joint pain. And many of these folks find conventional exercise difficult because the load or force used in the exercise is more than what their joint(s) can withstand. How do you ever get out of this cycle? Well, here’s an example. I […]

The Paleo Diet Plan – Is Eating Like A Caveman The Answer to Vibrant Health?

I was talking with a friend recently and she asked if I had heard of the “paleo diet”. A friend of hers had started it, had lost a lot of weight and said she felt better so naturally my friend was intrigued. And then my friend said, “Is it like one of those fad diets? Does it really work?” For […]

Exercise and Food – What Should You Eat and When?

“Hey, man, you don’t look so hot. You ok?” I asked Marty after we had just finished a gazillion suicide drills on the basketball court. A “suicide” is running, as fast as you can, from the baseline to foul line, back to baseline, to half court, back to baseline, to the other foul line, back to baseline and then from […]