The Need for Speed

On any given day in our neighborhood you will see a mom or dad pushing a stroller or a happy dog with his owner and some people walking briskly or running. Some days though, I see a few people who are just ambling slowly down the sidewalk. They seem to lack a certain intensity or sense of purpose. Maybe they […]

Running, Dog Poop, and Calf Pain

I had to leave Kobe (my canine running pal) behind this morning. The training schedule called for intervals and Kobe gets too distracted by squirrels, deer, other dogs, just about anything really. So, he lags behind my blistering pace 🙂 Plus, he’s the only dog I know who can poop while he runs. I discover it when we make another […]

Two Exercises, No Gym Required, To Boost Longevity

As a “guru” I consider it my job to tell you things you need to know; things that can change your life or the path you’re on. You may not want to know what I have to share but that’s okay. I’m going to share it anyway. So, here  we go. Fact: The weaker you are, the greater your chances […]

Why We Slow Down and What To Do About It

It’s insidious. Your speed slowly sneaks away from you a little bit each day, each month, each year until, if you’re not diligent about changing it, you might find yourself shuffling to and from the kitchen. It’s true. We slow down as we age. But why? Is there anything we can do about it? Why We Slow Down We slow […]

How to Increase Your Strength Without Increasing Weight

There are about as many theories on muscular strength and endurance training as there are books on Amazon. But, try looking at it through a physics lens. It’s simpler. Strength is the amount of force you can produce and endurance is how long you can keep producing some percentage of force (cardiovascular endurance is a different discussion that I’ll cover […]

How to Increase Your Running Speed Without Running

Speed is one of the elements of youthfulness and even though we all slow down  as we age, keeping your speed up will help you not only sprint out of the way of a derelict driver but also will help you feel younger. We know that your top walking speed is closely tied to your longevity and sense of youthfulness.1 […]