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Helping People Find Their Untapped Potential.

About Christine

What is your philosophy?

I believe everyone has a special reason they were put here on earth. I want to inspire others to find their purpose and LIVE their lives fully, without hesitation or physical limitation. Feeling unfit can make your life seem smaller…I want to help people live big lives! (While having an appropriate Body Mass Index 🙂

Why should I pick you as my coach?

I am a board certified orthopedic specialist with 11 years experience in physical therapy. I understand why some fitness programs don’t work for people with previous injuries or nagging aches and pains. I know how to customize programs to allow my clients to work hard while strengthening areas of weakness, rather than just working around them.

As a Fusion Coach, I love to work with clients to help them create healthier, more meaningful connections in their life – to themselves and to the world around them. I particularly enjoy working with women over 40. I understand that women in their 20’s and 30’s are often focused on their careers and their families and have difficulty finding time to take care of themselves. As the years go by, your fitness declines. Then, in your 40’s and 50’s, priorities and time commitments shift. You may want to explore a new hobby or travel or find a more effective way to beat “the battle of the bulge”.

“Christine Springer has been the key to my positive transition from a focus on running to a focus on becoming healthy, strong, active, optimistic, and fit as I age.I am convinced that if I had had Christine’s proactive, strength building program when I was younger and began running I would still be on the trails. Her support as a teacher, counselor, motivator, and excellent listener is just what I have needed to rebuild my knee and become stronger and fit.” – Renee F.

If you have been inactive or inconsistent with your exercise routine for several years, you will likely need both the professional expertise and practical support I can offer through Fusion.

Being truly fit requires not only physical capacity, but also the mental and emotional capacity to make tough choices. Sometimes the choices involve pushing yourself, maybe choosing to exercise on a day when you aren’t in a good mood or have a tight schedule. Other days the tough choice is to slow down, taking a rest day because you’re hurt, run-down or over-trained. Knowing which way to go (keep moving or slow down) requires total honesty….which is easy to say, but hard to do.

During our coaching sessions (either on the phone, over Skype,  or in-person), I can help you identify:

  • A set of measureable goals.
  • Physical and mental stumbling blocks to reaching your goals.
  • Practical solutions for achieving your goals.

What do you do to stay fit?

Well…Fusion for starters! But I think of Fusion as the gateway to doing other things you love. One passion in my life is swimming. I gave up swimming for almost 10 years because of shoulder instability and weakness. Using Fusion (with help from DK) got me back to swimming and not just short distances…I’ve done two 4+ mile charity swims with a goal of doing 6 or more miles next year. I also enjoy hiking and walking my greyhound Jasper.

I have experienced first-hand the joy that improved physical capacity can bring to your life and I want my clients to experience that as well.

Christine’s Street Cred

  • Former Director of Physical Therapy at Sports Center Physical Therapy, Austin, Texas
  • Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin; Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University, July 2000
  • Has conducted over 2400 consultation and 29,000 training sessions.
  • Studied for seven years with Doug Kelsey,  PT, PhD, Founder and Creator of ActiveAge Blueprint and
  • Life Coach in training with Martha Beck.

How to Contact Christine

  • Call Christine at 512-394-4722 to set up a consultation
  • Email Christine by clicking here
Stronger legs ! says

[…] you’ve not exercised in a long time, consider a visit to a trainer or therapist and get some coaching first. That’s especially true if you have any kind of joint symptoms – aching, stiffness, pain, […]

Dr. Herbert L. Green, Jr. says

Hi Christine,

Diagnosed with prostate cancer 11/11 PSA went from 17 to 33 in one year. Urologist gave hormone therapy 1/13 (goal reduce T level. Downside– increased belly fat, other risk factors. Radiation treatment followed 8/13: result PSA 0.1 belly fat still an issue.

Want to increase T levels because it can reduce belly fat. Began juicing and blending of veges 2012 like kale, apples, carrots, and drink green teas, organic coffee, almond milk, turkey, chicken and fish. Need to further reduce simple carbs, increase protein, increase eating veges and fruits , increase exercise (currently bike 30 to 40 minutes 2-3 x per week, light weight lifting also.

Belly fat is definitely noticeable. Really need to get it off. Concern however, increase T levels has been counter indicated for prostate cancer. Newer research suggests relationship between T levels and prostate cancer not as clear cut, while lower T levels are associated with diabetes recently diagnosed and blood pressure issues as well. Energy levels notwithstanding okay but need to increase and burn more belly fat in process.

My goal lose belly fat and increase energy levels. Exercise and eating insights greatly appreciated, and any thoughts on T level prostate connection.

Thanks. Happy New Year

FYI -age 65, 5′ 10.5″ African American, sleep abnea using CPAP machine currently, spinal stenosis, weight 212 12/26/13 up from 206 after radiation treatment ended 8/13. believe belly fat related to some weight gain. Ideal weight for me was right around 200 lbs. with minimum belly fat. Waist line increased from 38″ to 41″ too much.

Dena marks Sokolow says

I had arthroscopic surgery to clean up a meniscus tear July 3 and am unhappy with my recovery. I thought I was doing well until August 22 when I went to a fitness convention in Dallas. Though I modified my activity greatly, the day after the convention, August 26, I tried to go for an hour-long walk, something I was able to do before the convention, but that day, it was torture. I have not been able to walk for more than 10 minutes without pain since, and when I stand on my leg for any length of time it is painful.

I read about Doug Kelsey in the book, “Saving My Knees” (still reading the book) and I also have been back to see my orthopedist. He’s sending me to another orthopedist who does partial knee replacements. I don’t want that! I am interested in your methods to grow cartilage… Also curious about Fusion. I’d like to get back to walking and running. Right now, all I can do is swim and cycle. How much do you charge for a consultation and would it be worth my while to see you? I live in Houston, so I could come to Austin to see you in person.

Thank you. I am very frustrated!
Dena Marks Sokolow

    DD Kelsey says

    Dena – I’ll ask Christine to email you directly.

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