Heart vs. Head

This has been on my mind lately. The collision between Head and Heart.

I’m a Heart guy but I come off as a Head guy to some people (it’s a work in progress, maybe I’m more heart now since getting back into music).

But, remember, I’m the guy who went for a jog following a lumbar spine fracture. Anyone with any common sense would conclude that was not a good choice. Certainly not a Head choice.

In the space between Head and Heart is Choice.

This is where you’ll find chronic injury, inability to lose weight, start a new habit, stop an old habit.

How many of you can relate?

You know you should, but you don’t.

You know you shouldn’t, but you do.

Heart wins every time. We  adjust the Mind to go along, to make it seem like what we’re choosing is logical,  but in the end, decisions go down by way of the Heart.

Who really needs a 65 inch TV, Ferrari, or a bag by Gucci?

Marketers know this. Successful marketing targets the heart. Win the heart, the mind will follow.

There’s  a way to break the cycle though. Awareness.

Awareness helps you find the balance. Life cannot be all one or the other. It’s the push-pull that makes you feel alive.

Thanks for reading.



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