If You Came Here From THE VIEW…


If you landed on this page, it’s because you were redirected from a prior blog I wrote called “The View”.

Many people found the View because of a gentleman by the name of Richard Bedard, a journalist who wrote a book, “Saving My Knees”. He credits much of his success in overcoming arthritic knee pain to the principles and ideas I published on my blog.

If you have an interest in the mystery of knee pain, you might enjoy my book, “The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy”. You can learn more about the book here.


What’s The Kelsey Report all about?

I’m a physical therapist, author, fitness enthusiast and musician. I study how the body & mind work in tandem – from injury to rehabilitation to performance – and then share what I learn through my website and newsletter.

I’ve published scientific articles, given hundreds of presentations, written several books and was Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. If you want to know more about me, you can read my story here.


The essence of my work is this: movement is life. How do we improve and maintain they way we move over our lifetime? While it seems like a simple question, the answer has several components.

The first part of the answer is finding principles that weave through seemingly unconnected topics. For example, what is the relationship between your posture and your movement? What does science have to say about it and how do we use that information? Why do some injuries seem to lake longer to heal than others? What are the biologic and physiologic requirements to create an optimal healing response? What does strength mean? How strong must you be to live life in a way that holds meaning for you? What role does your diet play in influencing your movement?

And there are a lot more questions too.

The second part of the answer is to apply the information to your life. How do we apply the science of human movement, strength & conditioning, the physiology of healing and finally, the power of your mind? What are the stumbling blocks that keep us from moving the way we want and need to? Why don’t we do what we know  we need to do? Some of those barriers are physical but sometimes, they’re mental / emotional. 

The answer is in the intersection between the physical, mental and emotional components of life. For me, it’s an endless journey of discovery.

Care to Join Me?

My readers include former students, teachers, health care professionals, and a lot of great people who want to feel and move better. I typically publish an article about once per week. I promise not to bombard your inbox. It’s simple to sign up and I’ll send you my report “The 11 Reasons You Can’t get in Shape…and What to Do About It.”