Little Stuff Matters

It’s just the little stuff that matters.

You gain another few degrees of motion, or lose a pound of fat, or skip the latte this week.  It’s those small, sometimes imperceptible, improvements that add up to significant change.

But most of us get caught up in the big stuff. You want to lose 20lbs in a month, or run when your knee looks like someone stuffed a grapefruit in it, or do stuff you did when you were 25 without the body to really do it.

When you don’t see the big stuff happening, you feel like quitting. It’s not fast enough.

But, it’s never fast enough when you’re always looking at the big stuff.

The solution is to get a list of little things together, take a few measurements of little things, set some little goals, and get on your way to making little changes. When you knock down one of those little goals, set a new one but don’t forget to celebrate in a big way. All victories, no matter how small they might seem, are worthy of celebration.

It’s just the little stuff that matters.