ATTN: Golfers – A Weak Back Makes You Weak in the Knees


After walking 18 holes of golf, Jim’s right knee feels stiff and achy. It seems to be getting worse and he’s concerned enough that he makes an appointment with his family physician. Jim is relieved, in some ways, to learn he just has knee arthritis but is surprised when his doctor tells him that he will “have to learn to […]

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The Key to Staying Healthy That Takes No Physical Effort

happy hiker

I was talking with my wife Ellen the other night about her day. She’s a Realtor and has certain phrases that are unique to her industry. She was describing a client’s condo that was up for sale and said it needed to be updated. It was suffering from “deferred maintenance”. The condo needed some basic repairs, the yard was overgrown, […]

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There But For The Grace Of God Go I


When you think you have it bad, usually someone else has it worse. I learned that while working in a trauma center. I saw some devastating injuries that many people, somehow, pulled through. One young man, while working on a utility pole, was electrocuted. The current blew his right arm off his body. He lived and managed to muster up […]

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This Type of Fighting Holds You Back


Have you ever had days where you feel like your body is working against you? Despite your best efforts at overcoming the aching, pain, or stiffness, these things just keep showing up like an unwanted solicitor knocking on your front door. So, one day, you just decide enough is enough. “Damn it, I’m running today. I’ve had enough of this […]

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Science Suggests Core Training Is Useless

Core training

At the heart of “core training”, as presented by many trainers, coaches, therapists,  is the idea that increasing core strength will improve performance. Yet since the 1980’s, researchers have yet to prove the link. In fact, the studies repeatedly show no improvement in athletic performance from “core training”. So, why bother? The “core” concept originally started out defined as the […]

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What to Do for An Angry IlioTibial Band – Stop Stretching It

IT Band pain

It doesn’t matter how you try to stretch the Iliotibial Band (ITB), what technique you use, or how hard you try, you can’t stretch it. It’s tensile strength is thousands of pounds per square inch which, when you stop and think about it, makes sense. Why would you want your fascia to easily deform with something like stretching or some […]

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