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Hi, I’m Doug Kelsey.

I’m a physical therapist, author, and ActiveAge guru. Now, I mean guru as a mentor or teacher and not a mystical, I-know-everything, and follow-me-no-matter-what guy.

My purpose is to share tips, tools, and techniques on how to “actively age” – how to overcome aches & pains, get strong, flexible, agile and stay as healthy and fit as possible over your lifetime.

But, let’s talk about why this blog is helpful to you.

Like you, I’m in pursuit of making my best – at whatever it is I’m doing – better.  And I believe your health & fitness can either really help you or hurt you in living a full, vibrant life.

I offer practical, real ideas and tips on how to get healthier and more fit after forty that can change your life forever. I avoid hype, controversy for the sake of being controversial and instead look to what the science and research has to say, what we know to be true, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate that you cite published research to support your claims. Sooooooo many people don’t, and it makes my job harder. – Lacey B

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find here:

  • Proven tactics to beat injuries, get stronger, and slow the effects of aging.
  • Learn why eating certain foods can hinder recovery from injury and foster the feeling of being “old”.
  • Discover commonly used exercises that you should stop doing to protect your spine.
  • Avoid making a common mistake with your exercise routine and save yourself several hours per week.
  • Learn how to build strength without lifting heavy weights.
  • Find out the one thing you must have to stay motivated.
  • Remove this one “food” from your diet and lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.
  • And a lot more….

All of this is delivered to you through an unusual blend of scientific research, my own experiments and over 30 years experience, and easy–to–understand writing.

I believe the most unique thing about Doug compared to others is his global understanding of fitness, injury, the rebuilding process. Further, his uncanny and unique ability to apply the hard science of musculoskeletal/body health to the client in a fun, specific way is remarkable…Not to mention his extraordinary background in physical therapy really gives him a leg up on other trainers.- Ken Katz, MD

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Stiff and Sore No More

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Doug prepares you to perform – in your business life, your personal life, and your spiritual life. He finds connections in all three areas and teaches you how to nurture them. – Tim McClure, Co-Founder, GSD&M

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m glad to share what I know and have learned along the way.

Curious? You can read my full story here.