Overcome Aches and Pains and Get As Healthy & Fit As Possible

How do you slow the hands of time and stop “feeling your age”? How do you get stronger, more flexible with better balance? Lose the “middle age” middle, get healthier, more fit and still have a life?

Is it just “eating right” and “working out”? Do you have to do a lot of “cardio”? Eat a low fat diet? Obsess over calories? Lift heavy weights in a boring gym?

And what about aches and pains? Pray you don’t get hurt doing exercises that 20 year olds can barely do?

The key to optimizing your health is gaining a new set of physical and mental skills designed for the 40+ crowd.

You can’t afford to just roll the dice with your body as you age.

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Uplevel Your Performance, Health, and Life!

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 What’s all about?

I offer practical ideas and tips based on the science and research on how to get healthier and more fit after forty. I avoid hype, controversy for the sake of being controversial and instead look to what the science and research has to say, what we know to be true, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

I believe the most unique thing about Doug compared to others is his global understanding of fitness, injury, the rebuilding process. Further, his uncanny and unique ability to apply the hard science of musculoskeletal/body health to the client in a fun, specific way is remarkable…Not to mention his extraordinary background in physical therapy really gives him a leg up on other trainers.”- Ken Katz, MD

Benefit From My Training and Years of Experience

  • Learn what foods to avoid and why.
  • Discover commonly used exercises that you should stop doing to protect your spine.
  • Avoid making a common mistake with your exercise routine and save yourself several hours per week.
  • Learn how to build strength without lifting heavy weights.
  • Find out the one thing you must have to stay motivated.
  • Remove this one “food” from your diet and lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.
  • And a lot more….

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Uplevel Your Performance, Health, and Life!

 Join 8081 followers! 

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