A Solution For Traveler’s Back Pain


Travel by air is, well, not as fun as it once was and sitting in seats that don’t fit you or being confined in a small space for several hours, can give your lower back fits.

Find out more about this problem and how I solve it over at MyItchyTravelFeet. I have a guest post all about it.

And then hop back over here and tell me what you think.

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About Doug Kelsey

DK_bball_post Doug Kelsey is a physical therapist and healthy lifestyle “guru”. Doug is formerly an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of Oklahoma Health Science and is the owner of Sports Center Physical Therapy in Austin, Tx. He writes on how to “actively age” – how to get healthy and fit over your lifetime and take charge of your health. He and his brother Joshua created the ActiveAge Blueprint.

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