A Solution For Traveler’s Back Pain

Travel by air is, well, not as fun as it once was and sitting in seats that don’t fit you or being confined in a small space for several hours, can give your lower back fits.

Find out more about this problem and how I solve it over at MyItchyTravelFeet. I have a guest post all about it.

Nancy L says

My problem when I fly is my hips. I’m 5’0″ and my feet don’t touch the floor of the plane if I sit back in the seat, which leads to achy hips after a couple of hours (and sometimes lower back pain too). I’ve tried propping my feet up on my carry-on bag, which helps a little. Any other ideas I might try?

    DD Kelsey says

    Hi Nancy – thanks for your question. As you’ve noted, the seat is too big for you. You might consider this. Take the beach ball or Zafu and inflate it a little more than you would to support the lower back and place it just above the lower back area – near the bottom of your shoulder blades. Then sit in the seat with the ball supporting you. This will effectively reduce the seat depth. Then place your feet on your carry-on. The combination of the two might help place your hip joints in a better position. Let me know if this helps!

Jimmy says

We use the 12 inch beach balls all the time with our neck patients. Makes movement with decompression very easy, comfortable, and is very relaxing. I assume the ZAFU would be great for neck issues also? Just inflate or deflate to your comfort.

    DD Kelsey says

    Jimmy – yes and I think the cloth exterior is more comfortable but that’s just me.

Naomi says

Doug—I use the self-inflating back cushion from Relax the Back. It is perfecto for travel. http://www.relaxtheback.com/self-inflating-back-rest-rectangle.html

    DD Kelsey says

    Hi Naomi – Glad it works for you – thanks for sharing it!

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