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Is Your Upper Back Holding You Back?

Upper back mobility helps you reduce neck pain, shoulder injuries and improves overall posture but most of us are fairly stiff and inflexible in that area of the body. How do you know if your upper back

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Can You Get Fit In 12 Minutes A Week?

Dr. Doug McGuff, in his book “Body by Science: A Research Based Program to Get the Results You Want in Twelve Minutes a Week”, suggests that if you exercise once per week for about twelve total

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You Become What You Do

  Your body adapts and learns from what you do…and doesn’t tell you about it. A few years ago, a friend was in town visiting for a few days. We started talking about basketball and before

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A Mind Altering Experience

“Biological brains are first and foremost the control systems for biological bodies.  Biological bodies move and act in rich real-world surroundings.” – Clark, A (1998) Most of us lack a little

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You Can Be Thin and Fat

In the Wall Street Journal, Ron Winslow reports that just because you look thin doesn’t mean you’re not over fat. In fact, scientists have a new term that describes this situation: normal weight

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