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The Best Exercises for Arthritis Knee Pain 

A fully updated guide on which exercises to use for relieving knee pain and getting stronger.
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    Discover. The two main sources of knee pain from osteoarthritis and the simple, easy to perform exercises that can dramatically reduce knee pain.
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    Test. Learn how to test your leg strength and easily apply the results to a personalized exercise regimen.
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    Move. Increase your leg strength without exercising the painful leg and start building a strong core which is vital to knee joint health.

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The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy is a multimedia, e-book that shows you which exercises are the best at reducing knee pain, stiffness and aching....

...and the best exercises to increase your knee and leg strength.

Arthritis can be disheartening. Stiff, achy, sore knee joints can make everyday activities a chore.

When your knee aches or throbs, about all you can think of is getting off your feet and hoping the pain goes away.

The good news is that you can use exercise to help the pain from osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis. You just need to know what to do and how to do it.

The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy will show you how to reduce knee arthritis pain and build stronger, healthier knees so you can do more of what you love to do.

In The Book, You Will Discover:


Why knee pain is never from diseased or injured cartilage

Why taking pain medicine can be risky for osteoarthritis

Should you use heat or cold for pain relief?

8 options to reduce knee pain naturally

Two simple home exercises to reduce pain and increase mobility


Why the cause of osteoarthritis not just simple "wear and tear"

How cartilage heals and strengthens

The signs and symptoms of early cartilage trouble and what to do

What supplements to use to help strengthen your joint


Why leg muscle strength is vital for a healthy knee joint

How to increase your leg strength without exercising the painful knee

Why exercising the core is critical to knee health and how to do it

How to test your leg strength without causing knee pain


Six reasons you fail to make the kind of progress you expect and what to do about it

Why rest can help you and hurt you

How to improve your joint health without exercising

What a former professional basketball coach can teach you about progress

About the Author: Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD

Doug Kelsey is a former Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and has been in private practice since 1983. He has conducted more than 20,000 consultations and 100,000 training sessions with people from all walks of life (Olympic athletes, to weekend warriors to moms and dads and their kids).

Doug was awarded two patents on anti-gravity exercise devices (here and here). He's the author of hundreds of articles and several published books and has conducted over 250 educational seminars for physical therapists, trainers and physicians.

Is This Book for You?

Yes, if you have:

1. A diagnosis of either knee osteoarthritis or chondromalacia patella. If you know you have patellar tendonitis, meniscus tear, ligament injury, a subluxing patella, or a condition other than OA or CP, the solutions for these conditions are different than what I present in this book.

2. No more than mild to moderate wear or loss of the joint cartilage (Stages 1 - 3). Severe loss of joint cartilage - bone on bone - is a much more difficult problem to resolve and sometimes requires an invasive or surgical procedure.

3. Intermittent knee pain. If you have constant knee pain, knee pain at rest, pain that doesn’t improve or go away, you should see a physician to determine the nature and cause of your pain.

4. A strong desire to be active with a clear objective. This is important because you must have a long term goal beyond, “I just don’t want to hurt” in order to fully upgrade your knee.

5. A desire to learn and apply new material. Much of what I present in this book will be new to you. In order to get the full benefit of the material, you must want to learn and be comfortable applying what you learn independently.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy, simply send us an email to info@dougkelsey.com within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money.

No questions asked.

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