Build a Rock Solid Core


What is “Build a Rock Sold Core?”

This is a 51 page, e-book (no physical product will be shipped) that includes:

  • the seven drills you MUST drop from your exercise routine.
  • detailed instructions on how to test your own core endurance.
  • how to place yourself in the proper training category.
  • an analysis and explanation of the “core”.
  • the reasoning behind “strength” versus “endurance” for the core and why that matters to you.
  • three ways to jump start your core in thirty seconds or less.
  • specific drills based on your individual test scores and,
  • how to progress your drills.

 I started October 20th with “red zone” drills – but doing them on alternate days regularly for about last three weeks – and my nagging low grade lower back pain is gone!

Nothing like a nagging pain as an incentive for doing your drills regularly! – Carmen R

Regardless of your personal passions – sports, hobbies, or just being fit – a solid core is key.

I heard about you from my physical therapist and appreciate your advice in the book. I have followed your recommendations and at the age of 63 have the strongest core in my life. I always hated doing sit-ups in gym class and now I know why. – Jane S

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