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Two Exercises, No Gym Required, To Boost Longevity

  As a “guru” I consider it my job to tell you things you need to know; things that can change your life or the path you’re on. You may not want to know what I have to share but

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Strong Men Live Longer

Cardio has been the centerpiece of a “healthy” lifestyle promoted by Conventional Wisdom. As long as you walk, jog, cycle, swim, or trudge on an elliptical or treadmill, etc you’re doing

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The Need for Speed

I’ve noticed, recently, that I’ve slowed down a bit. I haven’t been able to work on my speed for about two years due to a couple of injuries and a few other issues. And I had to back

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How to Boost Your Leg Strength in 10 Minutes

  Who doesn’t need stronger legs? For you and me, leg strength is one of the things you must have if you want an active, vibrant life. Without adequate leg strength, your joints suffer, your

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Master This Movement For A Stronger You

This article is about how to use the squat as a drill to improve trunk, hip, and leg strength. Take my advice and get this down before you try adding much weight to the movement. The extra weight will

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