Workout Basics

Read Me First

Human movement is an art and a science. The athletic movement of a world class athlete is a beautiful thing to watch. The fluid, smooth motion. The agility. Power. And underneath this “art” is a foundation of science – physiology, kinesiology, physical conditioning among others.

So, my routines are named after scientists and artists like, for example, DaVinci, Newton, Pascal and you’ll also see some from my prior project – The ActiveAge Blueprint. Those routines are named after the Elements in the Periodic Table.

I shoot video at a private training gym, my home (apologies in advance for the less than stellar production value…and my garage), and a friend’s house.

I prefer to move from one exercise or drill to the next with little rest but sometimes that’s not possible due to the environment. In a busy commercial gym, the item I need may not be available so in that case, I’ll complete all the sets on each exercise and rest about one minute in between sets.

I use an iOS app – GymLog+ – to track my loads, reps, sets, etc. The app also calculates total volume of load and density or load per minute. It lacks some features such as the ability to track duration of an exercise instead of only reps and a way to calculate sub gravity loads. I have to do some work arounds to make it work for me. Otherwise, it’s great.

I follow the training matrix for the repetition count and load levels. For most of the routines, I complete 4 or 5 sets (or rounds if I move from one drill to the next). If I move from one drill to the next, the routines take about 35-45 minutes to complete.

My exercise choices generally involve multiple body parts. I’m interested in mastering movements, building my strength, stamina, balance, mobility, and agility.

Because I have osteoarthritis in multiple areas of my body, I create routines to maximize my functional ability and gains while minimizing risk of injury or exacerbation.

If you choose to use any of the routines, please note that what I’m doing may or may not work for you. Before you start an exercise routine, make sure you’ve cleared any medical issues with your physician.

I post routines when I have the time. I don’t post on a schedule so come back often to discover new ones.

Work hard, rest plenty, and have fun.