The Little Book of Sparks

Every now and then, we all need a spark in our life. The Little Book of Sparks is a collection of real stories, written by physical therapist and performance coach Doug Kelsey, that delivers inspiration, hope and courage just when you need it.

I started feeling hope again...

"I have never been much of a reader, rather more of a techno-geek.  The last few years have been tough as I have battled thru 8 back surgeries.  As to be expected, I have become a rather introverted person, as I have dealt with the anger of "why me?".

I spoke with my cousin about my situation and he followed up the conversation with a package in the mail.. a book, your book.  Well, not being a huge fan of the analog page, I was not that enthusiastic about reading it.  However, there had to be a reason he would send this to me; so I opened it up and read the first few pages.  I was hooked!  As a person with a scientific background (working in blacks and whites & not shades of gray), it was very strange to have something written by someone I have never even met, have such a positive impact on my life.

I find myself taking the time to see different possible outcomes to various tasks, which I have not done in years. I guess the best way to put it is that I actually started feeling hope again, or really just feeling something other than pity.

Just wanted to say thanks again and tell you that you are a very inspirational person."